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  Toll Free: 800-874-8265
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WSF Autoclaves aren't just Autoclaves... They're also:

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Composite bonding, laminating, and curing Autoclaves for aircraft, aerospace, automotive, sporting goods and other industries.

Special Alloy Autoclaves for high temperature and pressure Caustic cleaning and Core leaching processes
used by aircraft and investment casting industries.

Complete Dewaxing Autoclave systems for the Investment Casting Industry with custom designed pressurize, vent, and draining options.

High Pressure and Hydrostatic Test systems for
oceanographic, deep-sea, and pressure testing parts, cable assemblies, and materials evaluation.

From Lab Test units to full-scale production model Autoclave Oven systems with variable Temperature, Pressure, and circulation capabilities.

Quick-open Autoclave closures in various horizontal and vertical configurations. Can be supplied for field-mounting or as a complete Autoclave system.

Unique WSF RapidLoader design combines our RapiDoor quick-open closure with an integral product loading and extracting system.

Stainless and Carbon Steel Autoclaves and systems for food, pharmaceutical, medical waste, and cleaning processes, sizes from pilot systems to full-production models.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation systems for electric motor, transformer, and electronic component manufacturers. Unique WSF design options save on resin fills and changeover costs.

Custom horizontal and vertical Vulcanizing Autoclave systems with several pressurizing, heat control, and venting options available. WSF can provide complete product handling systems fully integrated with the Vulcanizing process control system.