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  Toll Free: 800-874-8265
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RAPIDOOR® Quick-Actuating Autoclave Door Closures

WSF RAPIDOOR® Closures Lock and Unlock in Seconds:

Fast, rugged and trouble-free, RAPIDOOR® provides quick access and positive sealing for virtually all types of tanks, vessels, cylinders including Autoclaves, pressure and vacuum enclosures.

RAPIDOOR® Features

Custom manufactured to your required size and design specifications

Several opening/access styles in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Options for hydraulic or pneumatic Door actuation.

Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, Inconel, other alloys for varying process media and environmental considerations.

Interlocking options such as our Mechanical Pressure Indicating Device (MPID) to prevent unlocking under pressure and prevent process operation until the closure is securely locked, several interlocking and interface options available. 

Meets Section VIII, Division 1, ASME Code requirements.

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RAPIDLOADER™ Control Systems Options

RAPIDOOR® Features

Horizontal Vessel with Swing Hinge – Right or Left Hand operation to suit available plant space.

several available for various installation requirements

Horizontal Vessel with Vertical Slide – reduces required Floor space for Door movement.

Complete Autoclave systems for controlling the Door, Process, and Material Handling of various applications including Vulcanizing, Dewaxing, VPI, Hydrostatic Testing, Heating, and others

Horizontal Vessel with Front and Back Closures – for efficient & consistent product flow.

RAPIDOOR® Autoclave Door closure only control system with WSF SmartClave® technology assisting Operators and Maintenance personnel throughout operation, can also be easily integrated with customer’s process control system.

Vertical Vessel with Clamshell Hinge – easy access for crane and vertical loading/unloading. 

WSF can also provide the hydraulic or pneumatic system, completely piped, with all the necessary Door sensing components, ready to connect to external control systems.

Vertical Vessel with Post/Davit Hinge – High pressure systems with vertical loading/unloading 

Download Product Information:  RAPIDOOR® Bulletin

Vertical Lift-Off (Removable) Head – for unobstructed access to vessel.

RAPIDLOADER™ – Horizontal Vessel with moving Door and integral Product Cart.

RAPIDCURE™ – Typically configured as a Horizontal Vessel for continuous Vulcanization applications