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Vulcanizing Autoclave Systems for the Rubber Industry

WSF manufactures Vulcanizers, also called Autoclaves, Ovens, kettles or reactors, for the curing of rubber and plastic products and composites. WSF has decades of experience providing systems ranging from process simulation to full scale production equipment.

WSF Vulcanizers are available in a wide range of sizes and design pressures in vertical or horizontal configurations. The process medium can be steam, a combination of steam and air or inert gas, “Dry Heat” produced by electrical heaters, steam or hot oil Autoclave jackets, or circulating hot gases.

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Special models include:

WSF quick-access closures are available in multiple Horizontal and Vertical configurations

Moving Door with integral cart allows easy access for product loading and unloading

Continuous Vulcanizer for wire, cable and hose applications

Autoclaves curing rubber, plastics, and composites for adhesive bonding

Material Handling Options:

WSF RAPIDOOR® closures are readily adaptable to existing load/unload and product handling systems. WSF engineers are capable of integrating material handling equipment with any of our quick-access door configurations providing single-source responsibility for the complete system.

Control Systems Options

WSF control systems permit accurate duplication of process cycles with options available for variable pressure and vent profiles. Extended control features include: multiple cycle recipe storage and selection with variable temperature, pressure, cycle times, with cycle, device, sensor and system alarms. WSF SmartClave® technology can be integrated with system controls and HMI / Operator Interface Terminals assisting Operators and Maintenance personnel throughout operation. Typical SmartClave® features include cycle parameter entry, alarm status monitoring, operating, status and diagnostic messaging.

Documentation options include: Paperless Recording with easily customized screens, user messages, cycle replay and zoom features, locally stored data can be exported to removable media, remote data acquisition/storage capability. Ethernet and custom interfaces for customer’s specific SCADA, OEE, and IoT requirements can also be provided. 

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