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VPI Systems

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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Systems

Electric industry manufacturers and repair shops use WSF VPI systems in the processing of electric motors, coil windings, transformer components, power cables, fiberglass laminations, cores, superconducting magnets and other items. Carbon product manufacturers impregnate pitch or chemical solutions into electric furnace electrodes, piping and tubing for heat exchangers, nuclear power plants. Metallurgical industries impregnate porous castings with sealants to fill voids and porous openings sealing parts for pressure applications. Wood products are impregnated with chemical substances to protect against rot, wood-decaying insects, fire, weather effects and reduce cracking.

VPI Tank / Impregnator

WSF VPI systems include our unique RAPIDOOR® quick access closure for opening and closing the VPI Tank in seconds. WSF VPI system configurations can be provided for Floor or Pit installations, with or without Work Platforms, and smaller units as complete skid-mounted systems.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Systems

False Bottom reduces the volume of costly resins fills and regular resin exchanges.

Rotor Shaft Well accommodates large Rotors/Shafts to minimize Tank size and processing times.

Continuous Resin Level monitoring and control reduces operator intervention.

Part Temperature monitoring helps maintain resin temperature specifications and prevent costly resin damage due to high temperature.

Holding Tank

Our Holding Tanks include many standard features for storing, monitoring, and maintaining VPI process resins. Standard features typically include Resin Mixing, Cooling Jackets, Resin Low-Level and temperature monitoring, Sample port, and quick-fill provisions. Several other options including Resin storage under a Vacuum are also available.

Typical VPI Cycle

  1. Load the work piece into Impregnator.

  2. Close the lock Impregnator door

  3. Pull vacuum for specified time to remove air and moisture or until desired vacuum is reached.

  4. Open Transfer valve allowing Resin to flow from Holding Tank to Impregnator.

  5. Close Transfer valve and hold Impregnator under vacuum.
  1. Break Impregnator vacuum with inert gas.

  2. Pressurize Impregnator and hold to achieve maximum impregnation for positive penetration of impregnant into voids.

  3. Reduce Impregnator pressure to Drain pressure levels and return Resin to Holding Tank (can be automatic or manual).

  4. Completely Vent the impregnator.

  5. Open impregnator door and remove work piece.

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