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Bonding Autoclaves

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Composite Bonding Autoclave Systems

To meet the demands of the composite bonding industry, WSF manufactures Autoclave systems ranging in sizes from laboratory test models to our full-scale production RapidBonder™ models. Each WSF system is designed around your specific bonding or curing specifications.

WSF Bonding Autoclave systems are used by various industries

Aerospace, aircraft & composites

Automotive, rubber, and plastics

Sporting goods manufacturers

Metallurgical, carbide, & plastic production

Bonding Autoclave Control System Options

WSF control systems permit accurate duplication of process cycles with several options available for variable heat, pressure, and cooling profiles.

Proportional electric heat control in single or multi-zone configurations

Modulating Pressure and Vent control valves

Internal air circulation with variable speed control

Controlled cooling circulation

Vacuum bag / parts monitoring, pre-run tests, alarm features

WSF control systems are not limited to one manufacturer’s PLC or software solution

WSF SmartClave® technology is completely scalable and can be integrated with system controls and HMI / Operator Interface Terminals assisting Operators and Maintenance personnel throughout operation.

Alarm status monitoring, operating, status and diagnostic messaging

Multiple cycle profiles with variable heat, pressure, vent and circulation rates, variable hold set points and cycle times

WSF Bonding Autoclave Features

WSF RAPIDOOR® quick-access closures are available in various opening/access styles.

Custom manufactured to your required size and design specifications

Options for hydraulic or pneumatic Door actuation

Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys for varying process specifications

Interlocking options such as our Mechanical Pressure Indicating Device (MPID) to prevent unlocking under pressure and prevent process operation until the closure is securely locked, several interlocking and interface options available

Meets Section VIII, Division 1, ASME Code requirements

Documentation options include: Paperless Recording with easily customized screens, user messages, cycle replay and zoom features, locally stored data can be exported to removable media, remote data acquisition/storage capability. Ethernet and custom interfaces for customer’s specific SCADA, OEE, and IoT requirements can also be provided.

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