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Horizontal RAPIDLOADER™ Autoclave

Want to eliminate the need for both external product floor carts and internal product carts, to load and unload product from a horizontal Autoclave?

The WSF RAPIDLOADER™ combines our fast and reliable RAPIDOOR® quick-opening closure with an integral product load platform.

When the RAPIDLOADER™ Cart is extracted from the Autoclave, the exposed product load platform is fully accessible for easy product loading and unloading via Customer-supplied overhead crane or forklift truck.

RAPIDLOADER™ Autoclave Features

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WSF RAPIDOOR® quick-access closure is arranged for horizontal hinge-less extraction open and retraction closed.

External motor-driven (or hydraulic cylinder-driven) wheeled carriage, fully extracts/retracts the door and load platform axially for easy-access product loading and unloading.

External carriage includes gearmotor, drive mechanism and power cord reel (or hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic system), riding on a pair of external floor rails.

RAPIDLOADER™ Control Systems Options

Many Autoclave applications including Vulcanizers and Hydrostatic Test systems utilize the WSF RAPIDLOADER™ to accommodate heavy and/or lengthy product loads which could not be easily inserted or removed from other Autoclave designs.

Motor-Driven RAPIDLOADERS™ feature Variable Speed Drives integrated at our facility for proper

Acceleration/Deceleration rates providing the most efficient Load/Unload cycles.

WSF SmartClave® technology can be integrated with system controls and HMI / Operator Interface Terminals assisting Operators and Maintenance personnel throughout operation.

Every RAPIDLOADER™ Drive is tested under full product load conditions at our facility.

Complete Autoclave systems supplied with the RAPIDLOADERS™ provide a single-source supplier for the Autoclave, Door and Process controls, and Material Handling system.

Documentation options include: Paperless Recording with easily customized screens, user messages, cycle replay and zoom features, locally stored data can be exported to removable media, remote data acquisition/storage capability. Ethernet and custom interfaces for customer’s specific SCADA, OEE, and IoT requirements can also be provided.