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Caustic Cleaning and Leaching Autoclave Systems

WSF Caustic Cleaning and Leaching Autoclave Systems are custom designed and manufactured at our facility for operation with concentrated caustic solutions at elevated temperatures and pressures. Nickel alloys and other special materials are used to protect surfaces that come in contact with the caustic solution.

WSF Caustic Cleaning & Leaching Autoclave System Features

Efficient Core Leaching and Cleaning Cycles with unique Heating, Pressure and Cooling options.

Single-Source supplier of complete packaged systems, designed, manufactured and tested at our plant in Tonawanda, NY, USA. 

Typical Major & Optional Components for Cleaning & Leaching Applications

Autoclave – vertically oriented for top loading/unloading, designed for specific Load sizes, pressure/temperature operating ranges and caustic media

WSF RAPIDOOR® quick-access closure for efficient product loading and unloading.

Lift-Off Head Assembly – Stacked Baskets provide secure parts storage during processing, can be supplied with or without agitation.

External Heating System – custom manufactured heaters, available in single or multi-zone configurations, improves heat transfer through special alloy materials.

Internal Cooling Coils – assists in Product and Autoclave Cooling, minimize cycle time.

Meets Section VIII, Division 1, ASME Code requirement

Flash Tank – accepts Caustic discharged during vent/drain cycles while minimizing harmful effluent by using an integral Demister. Holds Caustic fluid media until temperature has decreased sufficiently to be drained.

Condenser – Controlled water spray feature provides additional knockdown of harmful effluent.

Caustic Supply Tank – for maintaining Caustic solution, several options available including controlled external heaters to reduce heating time, Caustic solution mixing, and Level monitoring.

Download Product Information:  Cleaning/Leaching Autoclave 

Process System Component Options

Venting System – Modulating or on/off vent action. Modulating features include adjustable ramp rates and custom settings for boiling agitation operation.

Low Pressure Fill Pump – Reduces cycle time by minimizing Autoclave fill and rinse times.

High Pressure Fill Pump – Capable of maintaining Autoclave level at full operating pressure. Drain System – Isolation valve, alternate drain selection, manual flushing, other options.

Nitrogen Gas Booster – Sufficient capacity to achieve required elevated operating pressure.

Vacuum System – Evacuation prior to filling assists filling of small internal airfoil passages with leaching fluid.

Caustic Cleaning and Leaching Control System

WSF control systems permit accurate duplication of process cycles with several options available for variable heat, pressure, and cooling profiles.

Multiple cycle profiles with variable heat, pressure, vent rates, variable hold setpoints, cycle times, and programmable looping for repeated cleaning, rinsing, and draining segments.

WSF SmartClave® technology is completely scalable and can be integrated with system controls and HMI / Operator Interface Terminals assisting Operators and Maintenance personnel throughout operation.

Alarm status monitoring, operating, status and diagnostic messaging.

Documentation options include: Paperless Recording with easily customized screens, user messages, cycle replay and zoom features, locally stored data can be exported to removable media, remote data acquisition/storage capability. Ethernet and custom interfaces for customer’s specific SCADA, OEE, and IoT requirements can also be provided.