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Autoclave Sterilizers

Autoclaves are widely accepted as a fast and efficient means of sterilization. WSF has designed and manufactured Autoclave Sterilizers and Sterilizing systems for various applications including:

Food products in cans, jars, and pouches

Pharmaceuticals, intravenous solutions

Medical Waste Sterilization 

Surgical instruments, hospital hardware

Cleaning processes for assembly or manufacturing procedures

Pilot Systems for research and development

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Autoclave Features

WSF RAPIDOOR® quick-access closures are available in various Door styles accommodating varying processing plant and laboratory installations.

Control Systems Options

In support of Autoclave Sterilizers, WSF has control system solutions for our customer’s varying needs:

Horizontal side-swing Hinge designs for both manual and powered Door swing operation

For large Sterilizing/Processing Plants with control rooms, WSF Autoclave Door Control Systems can be fully integrated with in-plant control systems.

Vertical Clam-Shell with hydraulic or pneumatic powered Door swing

Autoclave pneumatics and hydraulics can be supplied fully assembled with any sensors required for integration with existing plant controls.

Vertical Slide Door allowing multiple adjacent vessels to be installed in minimal floor space

In compliance with customer’s specifications, WSF offers Automated Door/Process control systems with WSF SmartClave® technology integrated with system controls and HMI / Operator Interface Terminals to assist Operators and Maintenance personnel throughout operation.

Special and Articulated Hinge designs accommodating installation pits with minimal clearance

Autoclave internal features including Product Rails, Steam Spargers, and Cooling Spray Headers.