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  Toll Free: 800-874-8265
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Material Handling

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Material Handling and Conveyor Systems

In support of Autoclaving, WSF has engineered and manufactured Material Handling, Conveyor, and Transport equipment to integrate with a wide range of production and storage systems. As an Autoclave integration specialist, WSF can provide all the necessary components to load, unload, and integrate Autoclaves with in-plant or remote handling systems.

Advantages of a Material Handling System manufactured by WSF:

WSF is a single source supplier: virtually eliminating the need to contact multiple manufacturers and suppliers. WSF Control Systems are designed, manufactured, tested at our plant in Tonawanda NY, USA.

WSF supplied Material Handling systems are fully integrated with the Autoclave design, internal product supports and conveyors.

Complete system packages are typically configured and wired for convenient on-site installation.

Controls and interlocks are integrated with all critical system components including the Autoclave, Hydraulic system, Process Controls, and Material Handling system.

WSF control systems are not limited to one manufacturer’s PLC or software solution.

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Material Handling System Features:

WSF RAPIDOOR® quick-access Door closures are available in various styles helping to optimize the available plant floor space.

Several product flow configurations available from fixed Load/Unload Stations with motor-driven product movers to moving Cart Shuttles complete with the required Track systems.

Variable speed drives can be fully integrated with the Autoclave Control System.

WSF RAPIDLOADER™ design includes a fully accessible Product Load Table and moving Door Cart to Load/Unload the Autoclave and is capable of handling large product loads weighing several tons.