Quick-Actuating Autoclave Door Closures

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Horizontal Swing Style RAPIDOOR®
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Product Information


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Fast, rugged and trouble-free, RAPIDOOR ® provides quick access and positive sealing for virtually all types of cylinders, tanks and vessels, including autoclaves and other pressurized enclosures.

Custom manufactured to the design specifications in your required size, RAPIDOOR ® is available in a wide range of opening access styles and in circular or rectangular configurations.

RAPIDOOR ® incorporates a variety of special construction features. It is available in carbon, clad or stainless steel, nickel, Inconel, and other metals. Fabrication meets Section VIII, Division 1, ASME Code requirements.

RAPIDOOR ® can be automated or operated remotely. Locking rings can be rotated mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically.

Design features available include the quick-access RAPIDOOR ® and external RAPID/LOADER® moving door with integral product cart.

Our unique control systems permit accurate duplication of process cycles using simultaneous but independent application of air (or inert gas) and/or steam.

Used in thousands of installations worldwide, RAPIDOOR ® is designed for full-diameter primary access and for secondary access as charging and discharge ports. Several innovative styles and optional features are available.

Mechanical Pressure Indicating Device

A Mechanical Pressure Indicating Device (MPID) is interlocked to prevent unlocking while the vessel is under pressure. Interlocks prevent process inception until the RAPIDOOR ® closure is locked securely. Interlocks can be mechanical, electrical or other types.

Operating Principle

RAPIDOOR ® features a unique wedge-lock, breech-action design that provides fast, safe and trouble-free opening and closing of access doors.

It consists of three major components, the head section, rotating locking ring and shell extension. The locking ring is positioned over the shell extension where it is free to rotate. Hardened wedges with opposing tapers are attached to the lugs of both the head and locking ring sections.

When open, the two wedge systems are completely disengaged. When the locking ring turns, the wedges engage or disengage. The force created by the wedge engagement brings the shell flanges into parallel contact, creating an immediate, positive seal. Since there is no rotation of either seal flange, abrasion of the gasket by a rotating flange is impossible.

Style to Meet Specific Needs
  • Horizontal Swing Hinge, Right or Left Hand
  • Horizontal with Clamshell
  • Horizontal with Vertical Slide
  • Horizontal System with Front and Back Closures
  • Horizontal Davit Hinge
  • Vertical Clamshell
  • Vertical Lift Swing (Post Davit)
  • Vertical Lift-Off (Removable) Head