WSF Certificate China 2017

WSF Industries Earns China Manufacturing License (China ML) Certification as a Supplier of Pressure Vessels

Adhering to a stringent application and licensing process, WSF Industries has earned certification from the Peoples’ Republic of China as a qualified manufacturer of pressure vessel systems and components for sale and use in China.

We can serve as a subcontractor for companies supplying comprehensive processing systems to China or can work directly with an end user requiring a pressure vessel.

Advantages offered by WSF Industries:

  • Complete line of pressure vessel systems for use as industrial autoclaves including Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, Rubber Vulcanizing, Hydrostatic Testing, Composite Bonding, Cleaning & Leaching, Dewaxing, Sterilizing, and a variety of other heating, curing, and drying applications.
  • Unique, patented RAPIDOOR® quick-access pressure vessel closures that improve cycling time.
  • Complete design, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and customer service capabilities.

RAPIDOOR® fast-actuating closures - your unique advantage

Patented by WSF Industries, RAPIDOOR® autoclave doors lock and unlock in seconds, providing quick access and positive sealing for virtually all types of pressurized vessels.

  • Fast, rugged, and trouble-free for use with tanks, cylinders, autoclaves, and other vessels
  • Custom-designed to your size specifications, opening access styles, and circular or rectangular configuration
  • Available in a variety of heavy-duty construction materials
  • Can be automated or operated remotely
  • Locking rings can be rotated mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically, or electrically
  • In addition to complying with China ML standards, fabrication meets ASME Section VIII code requirements

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